Dr. Darrell K. Shack, Sr., Senior Pastor

In 1995, The Greater New Liberty Church family were found humbling themselves and praying to their God for an anointed man of God. A man that would preach, teach and lead the people to the level of greatness that God has for them and do it God’s way. The Lord answered the prayers of the people and sent the anointed, appointed and able Rev. Darrell K. Shack, Sr., to pastor this flock.

With the favor of God, the love of Jesus in his heart, being led of the Holy Spirit and with his Bible in hand, Pastor Shack spiritually empowered the people and is advancing the kingdom of God in a fresh new way.

Pastor Shack’s wonderful partner in the Ministry is his lovely wife, Mrs. Gloria J. Shack. They have six beautiful children, Matthew (Gina), Joanne, Marquita, Darrell Jr., Angel, and D’era and four grandchildren Madison, Darrell III, Alana and Olivia.



Christian Education - 8:30AM
New Disciple’s Class - 8:30AM
Morning Worship - 10:00AM

Minister’s Meeting - 5:00PM
Bible Study - 6:30PM